Mateusz Kara (PL)

CEO, Ari10

CEO of Ari10 and CEO of the payment institution Litpay, fintech companies offering a range of solutions that bridge the traditional finance world and cryptocurrencies. He is also a co-founder of TAXO Accounting Office (the first accounting office to develop an automated system for cryptocurrency settlements) and a partner at the Graƛ and Partners Law Firm. He is a speaker at numerous industry events.


Professionally, he is a highly regarded lawyer specializing in blockchain technology, providing legal support to various B2B entities in the web3, NFT, and related sectors. In addition to theoretical knowledge, he possesses extensive practical expertise and is an active investor with many years of experience in the market. He is also a lecturer in cryptocurrency law.


His daily mission is to promote the ideals of web3 technology to make it more understandable and accessible to ordinary people.


Privately, he is a father of two daughters, an avid builder of Lego blocks, and a martial arts enthusiast.