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Under the brand Techsummit Events®, we are opening the topics of Fintech and Insurtech by the conference Fintechsummit for four years. As well as we are creating professional awareness about us, as evidenced a hundred of experts, who we have brought to Slovakia to actual topics.

As the most important part of position on the market we are sensing the formation of community. This year we changed a standard form of conference to new format FINWEEK. Between our examples of successful cooperation belong to actually formatting association FINAS, which main goal is to create conditions for development of financial world of technologies for Slovak, as well as international companies.

We are working on to cover all topics, which are corresponding with financial world from education, by investments to financial technologies. Our ambitions are to create active investment portal “Investment club”, where we will regularly publicised relevant investment opportunities from non-standard to standard. Validation of investment opportunities should be approved by independent commission of experts.

The part of creation of community would be regular meetings, educations and communication of investment opportunities on Slovakia, as well as to abroad.

You will see these investment opportunities

Opportunities to participate in the Investsummit


I have an investment opportunity, how can I get involved?

15-minute presentation (“pitch”) of the investment opportunity

  • Your presentation will be included in one of our categories (traditional or alternative investment) and each of them will be preceded by a short discussion of experts in the study on the topic of the category.
  • Presentations will be followed by a brief evaluation of investment opportunities by experts directly in the studio
  • An important part is the Q&A of experts as well as spectators for each presenter through the Slido application immediately after specific investment opportunities

What are the benefits?

Our main goal is to get people interested in your product during the Investsummit and through our campaign. In the event that a participant who will follow your presentation, but does not show a specific interest in more information at a given time, we can send a remarketing campaign about your product and thus gain demand for your investment opportunity.

In addition, you will also get invaluable direct interaction regarding your investment opportunity with experts and potential customers in the form of Q&A directly during the Investsummit.

For more information do not hesitate to contact us (contacts can be found HERE)

Detailed program of the Investsummit and production of the presentation can be downloaded HERE.


I want to invest, what is the procedure?

All you have to do is subscribe to our live streaming and get new information about unique investment opportunities during 15-minute presentations, which will be offered by companies from various investment sectors, from traditional to alternative.
Last but not least, with the help of the opinions of several experts, you will get a detailed overview of the products and you can choose which way to go.

In addition, you will be able to directly participate in the discussion through Slido and get more information about the investment opportunity that interested you. Representatives of investment companies will answer you directly!

You can register HERE.

Basic participation for Investsummit spectators is free.

Are you interested in looking at these investment opportunities?

What is including the members in VIP club?


• Investment web platform
• Networking events
• Education
• Regular newsletter



Martin Peter (SK)

Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic


A time of reflection on current global development – Towards a new paradigm of the global financial ecosystem

Petia Niederländer (AT)

Austrian National Bank

Jonas Gross (DE)

Digital Euro Association

Anikó Szombati (HU)

Central Bank of Hungary

Marcus Härtel (DE)

European Central Bank

Peter Paluš (SK)

Permanent Representation of Slovakia to the European Union


Regulations & MiCA

Moderator: Johan Winbladh, City University of Seattle

Lukáš Kovanda (CZ)

Czech Economist

Philipp Sandner (DE)

Digital Euro Association

Rok Žvelc (SI)

DG FISMA, European Commission

Natália Michalovová (SK)

Prosman & Pavlovič Lawyer's office

Roman Chandoga (SK)

Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic

Daniel Ďuriač (SK)

National Bank of Slovakia


CEE: opportunities in the innovation region

Martin Peter (SK)

Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic

Maria Staszkiewicz (CZ)

Czech Fintech Association & President, European Digital Finance Association

Miroslav Lukeš (CZ)

Czech Fintech Association

Rostyslav Dyuk (UA)

Ukrainian Association of FinTech and Innovation Companies

Shmuel Ben-Tovim (IL)

The Israel Fintech Center

Benjamin Berényi (HU)

PastPay.io | Hungarian Fintech Association

Pavol Čverha (SK)

FINAS association

Language: English

SOCIAL EVENT – Zlatá Minca – Prize awards

• Zahájenie galavečera príhovorom • Členovia odbornej poroty odovzdajú ocenenie spoločnostiam na 3. miestach • Členovia odbornej poroty odovzdajú ocenenie spoločnostiam na 2. miestach •Príhovor Mikuláša Peksu, europoslanca, člena hospodárskeho a menového výboru Európskeho parlamentu. • Samostatné kategórie Zlatej mince 2022 • Členovia odbornej poroty odovzdávajú ocenenie víťazom produktových kategórií • Záver, spoločná fotografia všetkých ocenených • more information at zlataminca.sk


Challenges of the Banking & Fintech sector

Moderator: Peter Bielik, TA3

Subhobroto Chakroborty (IN)

The Digital Fellow

Sam Boboev (UK)


Tomáš Pristáč (SK)

CRIF - Slovak Credit Bureau


Security in Finance

Moderator: Johan Winbladh, City University of Seattle

Mária Potančoková (SK)

Experienced AML professional

Peter Laubert (SK)


Lukáš Bonko (SK)

AML expert

František Sailer (SK)

Financial Intelligence Unit of Slovakia

Lukáš Steiniger (SK)

Crypto regulations consultant


Transformation of international payments

Moderator: Johan Winbladh, City University of Seattle



Moderator: Rastislav Sojka, EUROLIVE plus

Gabriel Jaščur (SK)

SWELL Financial Group

Martin Halada (SK)

Union poisťovňa, a.s.


The institutional adoption of cryptocurrencies

Moderator: René Darmoš, Managing partner at MOONHILL CAPITAL

Georg Brameshuber (AT)

Blockchain for Europe

Rastislav Vasilišin (SK)

Virtuse Exchange

Peter Kris (SK)

Mangata Finance

David Stancel (SK)

COO Blockchain Slovakia & CTO Fumbi



Program: ● Introduction of new FINAS projects ● Financing of startups from European and private sources ● NETWORKING with relevant people ● Introduction of new FINAS members ● “Speed dating” ● … more coming soon!


Zlepšenie finančnej gramotnosti na Slovensku – od vízie k realite?

Moderator: Jiří Ščobák, Zlatá Minca

Milan Pavlík (SK)

Finančný lekár

Erika Pastoráková (SK)

The University of Economics in Bratislava

Peter Mikloš (SK)

Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic

Eva Vargová (SK)

Junior Achievement Slovensko

Roman Fusek (SK)

National Bank of Slovakia


Finančná gramotnosť & Ženy a investovanie

Moderator: Viliam Stankay, RTVS

Júlia Čillíková (SK)

National Bank of Slovakia

Terezia Jacová (SK)

LUMUS Investment Collective (investment club for women angels)




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