Johan Winbladh (SE)

Associate proffesor, City University in Bratislava Slovakia

Dr Winbladh has a background from Management Consulting, Project Management at Ernst & Young (now EY) in Stockholm and other locations in Europe and the US. At Ernst & Young, he was doing project management in various projects for international institutions running projects for quality assurance in financial management, as well as doing financial consulting. As a Fellow at The Globsec Institute writing and presenting policy papers promoting the Capital Markets Union in the EU as his most recent project. The current project he is working on is to promote green and sustainable growth in Europe. He is currently a salaried instructor at City University/Vysoka Skola Manazmentu in Bratislava Slovakia, where he is teaching Finance, Economics, Operations Management and Business Strategy. He has also been teaching at various campuses including Beijing China, Lucerne Switzerland, Prague Czech Republic, Bucharest Romania, and Sofia Bulgaria. His educational background is from Stockholm School of Economics one of the premium business schools in Europe where he earned a Master of Science in Finance. Dr Winbladh earned his PhD at Vysoka Skola Manazmentu in Bratislava, Slovakia. His dissertation dealt with Banking and Financial Crisis.


His recent academic publications include:


Tel Aviv (8-10 March 2017): IISES (The International Institute of Social and Economic Sciences) 7th Economics & Finance Conference, Tel Aviv. Presented and published: “Systematic Banking Crisis and Macroeconomic Leading Indicators”. Rewarded with the best paper of the conference award.


The International Institute of Social and Economic Sciences organised the 7th Economics & Finance Conference, which was held on March 8-10, 2017 at the College of Law & Business, Ramat Gan, Tel Aviv, Israel. Keynote Speaker Professor Robert J. Aumann, Nobel Prize Laureate in Economic Sciences, 2005, delivered the speech “Who is the Player?”.


Bratislava 27 April 2017): Presented and published: “Strategic Innovation in the financial service industry”.


Steyr 18 May 2017, University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria: CCBC (Cross-Cultural Business Conference). Presented and published: “Banking Crisis and Macroeconomic Indicators”.


Prague, 26 May 2017, VSE: Presented and published: “Banking Crises in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE).”


Elenite 2 September 2017, Bulgarian Academy of Science: Presented and published: “Systemic Banking Crisis and Financial Crisis and Macroeconomic Leading Indicators in Central and Eastern Europe”.